Paying for ABA Services

Perhaps your child just received his or her initial behavioral disability diagnosis. Your mind is spinning, your heart is overflowing with emotions and the only thing you can think of is what the next step needs to be to get your child the help that they need.

Or perhaps your child is already working with a program, but you want to switch clinics to take advantage of some of our awesome ABA Services so that your child can continue to grow.

Either way, we get it – the last thing that you want to worry about is the cost of treatment. Well we take care of that too.

Affordable Behavioral Therapy

We accept many different insurance carriers and work with them to get your ABA therapy covered by your insurance. So, your child can get the best possible care without costing you a fortune. Our list of accepted insurances is continuing to grow daily.

We also have private rates for families that are not submitting their treatment to their insurance carrier.

To get the latest list of accepted insurance carriers or to see if your carrier is accepted, contact us.