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At first glance, common questions like “Is this seat taken?” is something that we take for granted, but for someone with autism spectrum disorder, or ASD for short, can be a challenging task to determine, let alone ask. Not just that question in particular, but really, most common social
interactions can be difficult for people with ASD, so what can one do to help out?
We’re delighted to say that “Social skills programs for Children and Families with ASD” are a thing that exist! What happens at these classes? Simple, trained professionals put individuals with ASD in different social situations where they show them what happens, how to interact, and deal with:

1. The social situation itself, -and-

2. How to handle potential tantrums/anxiety/overwhelming situations.

Depending on the verbal state of the individual -pictures/videos/separate words or sign language is used to teach them how to communicate, and express themselves.

There are also group practices with role-playing scenarios with both people with and without ASD, in the goal of reproducing a specific social situation as close to real life as possible. Last but not least — there are also different classes, focusing on each individual’s savvy-ness — be it tech, art, puzzle, or anything else the individual enjoys and are good at.

young boy with autism holding toys

Why are these classes important? These programs try to integrate individuals with ASD into society, for them to be understood and to understand the world around them, to live a better, and fuller life, to find friends, perhaps a job, and really to have more individuality and self-confidence!
Developing these social skills is crucial to how we navigate our daily lives, people with ASD often fail to pick up on the little subtle body and spoken languages, and as a result get a complete communication breakdown, which often leads to isolation and negative emotions just because they don’t understand what’s being conveyed. Social skills programs help immensely, and explain all the little things that people with ASD miss out on like sarcasm, figures of speech, idioms, metaphors, body-language and for example…why a notebook on a student’s desk means that someone’s using that seat.
Don’t imagine these classes being a strict school environment. This is exactly what the professionals are trying to avoid — the “classroom” is aimed to resemble different scenarios like schools, grocery stores, offices, library, etc.

The teachers and professionals in these classes are warm, welcoming and most of all — understanding professionals that do everything to help and integrate everybody. They show love, so you can be sure that they will be doing everything they can so that when the individual with ASD encounters the question of “Is this seat taken?” they would handle it in the best way possible

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