Autism Therapy (ABA Therapy) in Calabasas, CA

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ABA Therapy in Calabasas, CA

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Find a top ABA Therapy Clinic who can help families that have children with Autism in Calabasas, CA.

If you’ve stumbled upon this article, we want to start off with saying — it will be alright! Being a parent to a child on the autism spectrum can be a challenge, of course, and we’re sure you’ve put a lot of thought and worry into thinking what your child would do without you, how can you improve their quality of life, how to have them be more independent for their own sake, and so on and so forth.
There is no magical pill, as autism is not an illness, these individuals’ brains just work different, hence they need a way to express themselves, understand, and communicate. There is no universal language, as each individual has different needs and is, well, a different person, but there is a handy way that can teach you as the parent and them as the child to communicate with each other and start learning the basic things in life.
This method is called applied behavior analysis (ABA), and since its inception in the 1960’s – the overall outcome of it is very, very promising.

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Applied behavior analysis includes three parts: stimulus (request, order), input as a result of the stimulus (response or no response), and consequence (usually in the form of a reward). ABA is useful for improving self-care, play, communication, daily skills in addition to offering unfamiliar
behavior. The aim of ABA is to teach children skills that will help them to create and gain a greater degree of independence and the best quality of life.
ABA is not a cure, because, as we mentioned earlier, autism is not an illness. It is based on theory, and these skills can be mastered at school, at home or within a community with the help of scientific principles and good teachers. The skills are divided into small steps, after which the participants receive rewards for their correct performance. For example, the correct answer to the words “Please sit down” can be rewarded with the time the child plays with his favorite toy.

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Connecting to the principles from earlier – When the words are repeated, the correct answer should lead to the same reward. The typical session of applied behavioral analysis lasts 2-3 hours and includes exercises in which each aspect of the intervention is tailored to the skills, needs, interests, preferences and family situation of the students. The structured time for each of the tasks occurs in short intervals (3-5 minutes). Students receive 25-40 hours of therapy per week. This therapy can be used to provide additional skills management and closure.
There are promising studies that show that with patience, love, and ABA, some wonderful results can be seen, and the autistic children of today can sprout and bloom into the independent and able adults of tomorrow, bravely encountering society and opening their eyes towards new horizons for their own.

If you live in or near Calabasas and have a child with autism, it is important that you find assistance right away. Finding the right help, from the beginning can be crucial in creating a proper environment for you and your child with autism.

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